• List of Various Charges of Pali Urban Co operative Bank Ltd.
  • Charges and Fees for Debit Card

    Transaction limit for Debit Card in a Day
    Cash UPI POS Total
    Rs. 25,000 Rs. 50,000 Rs. 25,000 Rs. 100000
    Schedule of Charges:
    Description Charges
    Debit Card issuance Charges Nill
    Debit Card annual charges (Recovered at the beginning of the second year onwards) Rs. 125 + GST
    Any Transaction (Financial & Non-Financial)at own Bank’s and HDFC Bank ATM Nill
    Transaction (Financial & Non-Financial) at other Bank ATM in a calendar Month:

    - 1st Three transaction ( In metro cities*)

    - 1st Five transaction ( In non-metro cities)

    - Charges for financial transaction beyond set limit, per transaction

    - Charges for non-financial transaction beyond set limit, per transaction



    Rs. 20 + GST

    Rs. 8

    Debit Card Replacement Charges Rs. 200
    Regeneration of PIN Rs. 50
    Transaction decline due o insufficient balance Rs. 20
     *Namely Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

  • Demand Draft / Payorder Commision

    a Issued through Cash Deposit Rs.0.50 per hundred(Over Rs.10000/-) Minimum Charges Rs.50/- GST Extra
    Issued through Trancefar Rs.0.30 per hundred
    b For Higher Education ( Issued in Favour of Educational Institution) Minimum Charges Rs.25/-
    Issued through Cash Deposit Rs.0.25 per hundred(Over Rs.10000/-)
    Issued through Trancefar Rs.0.20 per hundred

  • Locker Rent

    a Locker with yearly Rent For All Branch For All Branch( apart from Jodhpur Branch) Security Deposit (With Interest) Penalty on Late Payment (per month) GST Extra
    Yearly Rent
    Small Size 1200/- 1200/- 25000/- 18%
    Medium Size 2000/- 2000/- 40000/- 18%
    Big Size 4000/- 4000/- 80000/- 18%
    Large Size 5500 5500/- 100000/- 18%
    Locker break-open Actual Expenses + 1200/- surchage

  • Minimum Balance & their Charges

    Minimum Balance Minimum Balance Charges GST Extra
    Saving Account 2000/- Quarterly Basis 50/- Quarterly
    Saving Account (Premium) 10,000/- Quarterly Basis 100/- Quarterly
    Current Account 7000/- 200/- Monthly
    Premium Current Account 25000/- 500/- Monthly

  • If Closed Before 12 Months

    Account closure before 12 months Charges will be waived off, if account holder dies. GST Extra
    Saving Account 500/-
    Current Account 1500/-

  • Non-Operative Caharges

    Saving Account Nil GST Extra
    Current Account 100/-

  • Cheque Book Charges

    Per Cheque Charges GST Extra
    Saving Account 2/- First Cheque book- Free in Saving Account
    Current/CC/ PM/OD

  • Incidental Charges

    Saving Account Nill
    Current/CC/ PM/OD Per entry Rs. 1.50/Minimum 250/ half year basis.

  • OBC (Cheque / Bill Collection)

    Saving Account Current/CC/ PM/OD
    Up to 1000/-** 15/- 15/- GST Extra
    Up to 5000/- 25/- 25/-
    Up to 10000/- 50/- 50/-
    UP to 50000/- 100/- 100/-
    Up to 100000/- 100/- 150/-
    Up to 200000/- 200/- 300/-
    Up to 300000/- 300/- 500/-
    Up to 500000/- 500/- 800/-
    Above 500000/- 750/- 1000/-
    Return Charges Rs.0.20 Per hundred + Postege Charges ( Minimum Rs. 100/-)
    **Maximum five document allowed with a single slip.

  • Bill Purchase Charges

    Demand draft, Banker's Cheque, Govt./Semi Govt./Autonomation institute /Corporation/Boards' cheques. GST Extra
    On basis of 18% annuel (Minimum 15 day's interest to be charged)
    50% Discount for Staff and existing directors ( for their personal use only)

  • LC Purchase Charges

    Demand draft, Banker's Cheque, Govt./Semi Govt./Autonomation institute /Corporation/Boards' cheques. GST Extra
    On basis of 15% annuel (Minimum 02 day's interest will be charged)
    50% Discount for Staff and existing directors ( for their personal use only)

  • Recurring Deposit penalty

    @18% GST Extra

  • Cheque Returne Charges

    For Credit Clearing (outward) Rs. 100/- per Cheque GST Extra
    For Other Chaques For insufficient fund For Other reason*
    Debit Clearing (Inward) 350/- 150/-
    Trancefer Cheque
    *Charges will not be debited, if clearing cheque (Inward/Outward) will be returned from any technical reason)

  • RTGS / NEFT Charges

    Free of Cost for all accounts GST Extra

  • SMS facilities

    Annual Basis GST Extra
    Saving Account 15 Rs. per quarter
    Other Account 30 Rs. per quarter

  • Cheque / Draft - Increasing validation, Cancellation, Duplicate issue charges

    Per Document GST Extra
    Up to 5000/- 50/-
    5001/- to 10000/- 100/-
    Above 10000/- 200/-

  • Stop payment Charges

    Per Document GST Extra
    Saving Account / Other Account 300/-
    Maximum 1000/-

  • Other Charges

    No Due Certificate 100/- GST Extra
    Balance Certificate 100/-
    Interest Certificate

    For first time

    After than



    Duplicate Passbook 100/-
    Power of attorney

    For first time

    After than



    Finding of old records

    Up to 12 Month

    Above 12 Month



    Duplicate copy of Cheque 100/-
    Signature Verification 50/- per document
    Photo Verification 50/- per document
    Account Statment Charge

    For first time

    After than


    50/- per page

    C.C/PMC limit is 1 crore & above All Charge free
    Cibil report charge



    200 + GST

    1000 + GST

  • Charges on Loan / Limit
  • Process Fee

    Loan Account
    Loan / Limit Against NSC / KVP / LIC NIL
    House Loan 0.25% (Minimum Rs. 1000/-)
    Other Loan Account 0.50% OR (Minimum Rs. 1000/-)
    Limit Account
    Upto 10 Lac 0.50% (Minimum Rs. 1000/-)
    10 Lac to 50 Lac 0.25% (Minimum Rs. 5000/-)
    Above 50.00 Lac (Renewal) 0.25% (Maximum Rs. 25000/-)
    New File Nill
    Enhancement Nill
    1. In case of enhancement of limit file, before renewal date, process fee will be applied on only increased limit amount.
    2. In case of new limit file to be present before prescribed month by bank,the processing charge will be applied only for the remaining months basis.

  • Mortgage / Stock inspection Charge

    Qurtarly Stock inspection in CC A/c's 200/-
    Yearly inspection of Mortgage property in CC/PM Limit & Other Loan,Limit A/c's 500/-

  • Documentation Charges

    for all Loan and Cash Credit Accounts
    Up to 5.00 Lac 500/-
    Above 5.00 Lac 500/-

  • Commitment Charges

    If Account holder not use 60% of sanctioned limit 0.50% of less than 0.60% used limit

  • Close/Sift of Loan/Limit Account having Firm Name

    Close / Sift of Loan Account before half period of section period 1% of sanctioned amount or minimum Rs. 2000/- and maximum Rs.20000/-
    Close / Sift of Limit (New, Renewal, enhancement )Account before six month of section period

  • Loan Instalment overdue & Limit excess over sectioned limit

    Loan Instalment overdue & Limit excess than sectioned limit extra 2% interest will be charged on effective inerest rate.

  • Visit charge- for recovery of overdue instalment

    Instalment up to Rs.5000/- Rs 500/-
    Instalment above Rs. 5000/- Rs. 500/-

  • Balance Confirmation for all Loan & Advance Account

    In all Loan Accounts Per Year Rs.100/- (Charged in Month of April)

  • List of Document (LOD) Charges

    Personal Account (Per Report) Rs.500/-
    Commercial Account (Per Report) Rs.1000/-

  • Bank Guarantee Charge

    Bank Guarantee Charge 2% Per Year

  • Stock Statement Penalty - for CC Accounts

    Stock Statement Penalty - for CC Accounts 2% penal interest will be charged, if quarterly stock statement not received by account holder on or before 10th day due month, and this penal interest will be charged continually until the concerned statement not received.
    Advocate Certification Charge Rs. 500

  • Advocate Certification Charge

    Loan / Limit file above Rs. 10.00 Lac Rs.500/-

  • Cash Handling Charges

    Saving Account (Per month cash Deposit) - All Branch Upto 2 Lac Nill
    Above 2 Lac Rs 2/- Per Thousand + GST
    CD/OD Account (Per day cash deposit) - All Branch Upto 1 Lac Nill
    Above 1 Lac Rs 2/- Per Thousand + GST
    CC/PM Account (Per day cash deposit) - for Sumerpur Branch Upto 2 Lac Nill
    Above 2 Lac Rs 2/- Per Thousand + GST

What's new
  • Attractive interest rate 8.40 % offering on House-Loan for Residential purpose. NEW
  • Lowest Interest Rate On CC Limit / PM Limit 8.75%* NEW
  • UPI facility has been launched NEW
  • Miss-call on 9909962821 for Balance inquiry.and BLOCK ALL SERVICES MISS CALL ON 07941055778 NEW
  • Download Mobile Application from PLAY STORE or APP STORE for fund transfer and various banking facilities.. NEW
  • Bank offers all digital payment system as UPI/IMPS/RTGS/NEFT. NEW